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PTL 2 - Planetary Transits and Cycles of Maturation
1 - 4 Agust 2017, - Ibiza & Online

PTL 2 - The Program is NOT Your Life

Traditionally, the research of the way in which the movement of planets within the solar system conditions our daily experience has always fallen under the scope of astrology, which carries something of the ‘mother of sciences’, if one considers for how long humanity has been practicing it. The yearning to comprehend the way we are connected to the whole is at the root of humanity’s mystical potential for the awakening of spirit consciousness.


In Human Design, we address this movement of the planets within the solar system as ‘The Program’, in reference to the way in which the planetary forces (that interfere with the light of the Sun) have conditioned our lives since the beginning of time, or since we started measuring it, I should better say, in order to recognize the purpose of our own evolution as a species.

Ibizalok 2017 - From Theory to Experience
August 1st - 24th 2017, - Ibiza & Online


IbizAlok 2017

by Alokanand Díaz - August 1st to 24th - Ibiza & Online


Once again, the time of the year is coming when I need to inform the public about the events programmed for the Summer School I hold in my house in Ibiza every year since 2011. As always, what drives me is the desire that the experience lived during each day marks the difference between mere theoretical understanding and the assimilation and integration that can only come with one’s own direct and personal experience.

Ibizalok 2017 - Experiential General Training
August 6th - 9th 2017, - Ibiza & Online


IbizAlok 2017 - General Training

by Alokanand Díaz - August 6ht to 9th - Selfstudy + Ibiza & Online


10 days of RAVE ABC & RAVE CARTOGRAPHY + 4 days of practical examples

My investigator personality compels me to find ways to innovate each year with the purpose of grounding the basic foundation for the analysis of human mechanics, as it is revealed in the Rave Body Graph, which is the integration field for the synthesis of Human Design and its only reason to exist as a system.

This time my proposal is more innovative than ever, since this will be the first time where I combine online teachings with the classes taught live in my home. This means that the participants will have absorbed the whole theoretical foundation before coming to participate live in the Ibiza classes.

4 days of Rave ABC (600 Euros)

6 days of Rave Cartography (900 Euros)

4 days of practical examples (600 Euros)

Price for the complete General Training 1600 Euros

If you are interested, you can contact my office for the details by writing to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Ibizalok 2017 - The 4 Views of Rave Analysis
August 6th - 9th 2017, - Ibiza & Online


IbizAlok 2017 - General Training

by Alokanand Díaz - August 6th to 9th - Ibiza & Online

The capacity to place a human individual in front of himself, something that is offered in the Human Design System when it comes to answer the big questions of our existence, is a true blessing, despite the fact that simultaneously it also seems to represent a condemnation for a rational mind that is used to try to ‘control’ a monotonous life that is built on the foundation of homogenized behavioral patterns that distorts the identity and is a burden to the individual spirit.

During my almost 24 years of experience I have been finding in my students and clients the same distortion from which I also suffered in the beginning of my professional career with the Human Design System, namely the resistances of my rational mind to simply surrender to the evidence that the absolute always reveals itself in the most obvious and through the most simple. Thirsty in its fascination to know all the details, my rational mind always oversaw the most elementary, persevering always in searching for the truth as a final conclusion that is entirely inexistent.

Ibizalok 2017 - Red and Black in Rave Analysis
August 6th 2017, - Ibiza & Online


IbizAlok 2017 - General Training

by Alokanand Díaz - August 6th - Ibiza & Online

All human beings are born with two crystals of consciousness and a magnetic monopole that keeps them in permanent yuxtaposition, allowing in this way the (almost sudden) emergence of our Body-mind when we wake up every morning.

As I said before, we are animals that live on habits, and since falling asleep and waking up again is a habit we acquired before we knew how to think for ourselves, we do not stop much to reflect and ponder these questions, but where is the personality going when we fall asleep? If its function during the dream phases is so clearly not transcendent, why do we identify with a give so much importance to this ‘I’ that thinks to be the one that thinks to be thinking from the very moment it irrupts in our consciousness when we wake up every morning?

The human personality is an external filter whose function is to measure the relationship between the big and the small, between the part and the whole, a perception that can fill the daily life with magic, when through experience the personality learns to transcend its own subjectivity.

Through Profile, the personality learns to remain in alignment with the vehicle, and to discover itself both as a place of departure and as a place of return in everything that regards the illusion of its own being, a process that is entirely mechanic and is the result of experimenting with one’s own ‘Strategy and Authority’, which manifests that self-reflective nature of individual awareness in its purest state.

That is why, in the analysis of the individual design, Profiles is the thread that links all the elements in the story that marked a difference in the structuring of our biographical memory. During the seminar we will see the way in which different profiles work in real time using the charts of participants as a practical example.

This clinic is one of the four that make THE 4 VIEWS IN THE RAVE ANALYSIS, if you book all of them, you'll save 200€.

Ibizalok 2017 - Definition in the Rave Analysis
August 7th 2017, - Ibiza & Online


IbizAlok 2017 - General Training

by Alokanand Díaz - August 7th - Ibiza & Online

Just like the rest of those who were learning with Ra in the first years of expansion of the Human Design System, the only tool that was available for me in my professional work as an analyst was ‘Definition’.

Despite how limited this may seem in the eyes of someone who meets the Human Design System nowadays, I was not missing anything in order to have something valuable to communicate that could make a difference to those who were listening, because the key of ‘Definition’, besides considering everything that is open in the design, reveals the human characteristics that give CONSISTENCY to the energetic and cognitive orientation of whatever your genetic imprinting was at the moment of birth. It is not a small thing if you compare it to interpreting any type of more or less esoteric symbols.

If you take that imprinting beyond and you filter it through something as solidly logical as the Rave Body Graph, where the energetic and cognitive functioning of human beings is represented through the biochemical and mathematical correspondence between the I-Ching and the human genome, then ‘Definition’ is the mechanical foundation upon which every process of differentiation between individuals of a same species is taking place.

During this seminar we’ll see the way in which different forms and types of ‘Definition’ work in the daily life, using the charts of participants as practical examples.

This clinic is one of the four that make THE 4 VIEWS IN THE RAVE ANALYSIS, if you book all of them, you'll save 200€.

Ibizalok 2017 - Type in the Rave Analysis
August 8th 2017, - Ibiza & Online



by Alokanand Díaz - August 8th - Ibiza & Online

It was approximately 1997-98 when Ra started to introduce the 4 Types and everybody who was dedicated to the analysis of the individual design of other people sighted with simultaneous joy and relief. At least, that is how I felt. I felt relief because he was giving us a tool for synthesis that we could offer to our clients, and that would allow them to manage all the things that we had tried to transmit to them in an ‘orchestrated’ way. In other words, a way to practically satisfy the three fundamental premises of the Human Design System; “You are unique. You have no choice. Love Yourself.”

In combination with the mental dilemma that corresponds with the energetic and cognitive structure of each of the 4 Types, the correct management of the nature of each of the Types becomes a ‘shamanic pill’ through which every individual can learn to eliminate resistances and empower the development of their own beauty, healing the famous three wounds of the human spirit in this way; that of live, that of death and that of Love.

During the seminar we will see the way each of the 4 Types operates in daily practice using the charts of participants as a practical example.

This clinic is one of the four that make THE 4 VIEWS IN THE RAVE ANALYSIS, if you book all of them, you'll save 200€.

Ibizalok 2017 - Authority in the Rave Analysis
August 9th 2017, - Ibiza & Online



by Alokanand Díaz - August 9th - Ibiza & Online

Once the 4 Types have been established and have been confirmed as a valid construct for the investigation of humankind through the statistical sciences, the map of differentiation started to manifest and expand on all kinds of practical details, one of which pointed directly to the root of the dilemmas that every human being has to confront in their daily life; the unavoidable moment when a decision has to be made. What better way to test the truth of the system than giving everyone a tool that allows them to challenge and verify it at any given time and before any unexpected circumstance?

Nothing is more empirical than a system in which the experimenting person and the experiment being made – the observer and the observed – are one and the same thing. The individual is the scientist, and the daily manifestations of life in our own world are the laboratory. There is nothing that one needs to do, and everything is to be observed in the crucial moment in which some decision has to be made.

Independently of which is the source of inner authority, its nature is integrated and gets expressed in simultaneity with the Type’s strategy in the right place and time. Not before and not after, but when things simply happen, without a ‘plan’ (reasons) that originates them. To live by one’s own inner authority demands that one recognizes the supremacy of body over mind, and also the vanity and futility that hide inside any form of mental guilt, both within oneself as much as towards any of our human fellows.

Decisions that are made with inner authority are not following any kind of mental reasoning, but are triggered by a physical sensation that comes from some of its many sources of intelligence, such as intuition, taste, passion, social sensitivity or the simple ability to recognize and respond to something that happens unexpectedly. Combining ‘Definition’ with ‘Type’ we immediately identify the source of inner authority and the way it colors the nature and psychology of the human individual.

During the seminar we will see the way in which different forms of inner authority work in real time using the charts of participants as practical examples.

This clinic is one of the four that make THE 4 VIEWS IN THE RAVE ANALYSIS, if you book all of them, you'll save 200€.

Ibizalok 2017 - Money and Sexuality Mechanics Clinic
August 11th & 12th 2017, - Ibiza & Online



by Alokanand Díaz - August 11th-12th - Ibiza & Online

Very few things mark the emotional experience that we have of the world that we live in like our sexuality. Amongst other reasons – perhaps the most important of all – because of the way in which it melds the reproductive functions of emotion with the most essential cognitive functions of the spirit through which they emerge.

To integrate one’s own emotions, and to accept the unique way in which each human being  experiences the connection with life and other people through them, requires a level of maturation that is simply not possible to reach without some previous transformation in the way we manage our energy, and very specially our sexual energy.

In this two day clinic I will do a very brief presentation of the mechanical structures in the sexual energy of human beings, and then I will dedicate the remaining time to do individual analysis with the charts of participants, in which we will be able to see how those mechanical structures manifests daily in our own lives and our own way to feel.









Ibizalok 2017 - Rave Sociology and the Rave I-Ching
August 14th & 24th 2017, - Ibiza & Online



by Alokanand Díaz - August 14th-24th - Ibiza & Online

Despite the number of times that Ra Uru Hu mentioned that the Rave I-Ching is a catalogue of homogenized roles of the Not-Self - very particularly the text that references its 384 lines - it is clear that this is something that has not been completely assimilated by anyone, not even by those that have entered to study the Human Design System in depth. What this means is that in reality, the Rave I-Ching is a catalogue of human roles that are diminished to simple characters when the individuals that embody them express them within the constraints of ‘normality’.

Nobody ignores that the world of the Not-Self is nothing more than an absurdly homogenized movie of ‘good people’ and ‘bad people’, of ‘winners and losers’, of ‘men and women’… which has been running of the screen since immemorial times and is reproduced by each new generation of human beings that are born to put their shoulder to the great wheel of evolution of the forms of life, amongst which we humans tend to identify with a starring role.

It has been a long time since I wanted to penetrate into each of the 384 lines of the Rave I-Ching, and allow myself to share the flow of my own understanding with others in regard to it, for which I have speculated with different formats and formulas for rather long. Finally I have managed to structure a model that is fair to the enormous importance that the Rave I-Ching has in our individual differentiation process, and simultaneously certifies what Ra wanted us to understand from the very first moment.

PTL 4 - The Praxis of Analysis
August 4th 2017, - Ibiza & Online



by Alokanand Díaz - August 4th - Ibiza & Online

This will be the first time in 24 years of dedication to teach the Human Design System in which I will try to synthesize the keys of the factors that turned me into a successful HD professional, besides the fact of having had the good fortune to collaborate personally with Ra Uru Hu and have him as my only teacher for more than 17 years.

In fact, the keys that determined my professional success are not very different from the ones that also determined his. The most fundamental of which is surely to allow the Human Design System to speak for itself, which is more complex in real practice than it sounds put like this. This will be a single-day seminar, during which I will also share a resume about the technical and practical issues that have helped me and contributed to optimize and give continuity to the success of my professional work.

Finally, I will also share with the participants a sequence for professional analysis that will set a foundation both to prepare the certification exam as much as to always have a clear point of departure and a clear sequence in the delivery of the information when you approach the individual analysis of the Rave Body Graph in any professional consultation.



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